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Briarwood is Mississippi's leading volume retailer of wine and spirits
About Briarwood

Do you remember the first cocktail or glass of wine you had that made you realize that there was more to drinking than just drinking?  It’s that experience we try to give to every customer at Briarwood Wine and Spirits who asks for a wine recommendation or an adventurous cocktail recipe. 

Our staff is not merely expected to ring up our clients and take money.  We are all dedicated to a “lifestyle” that involves fun, frivolity and the inclusion of wine and spirits to achieve the infectious enthusiasm that can only translate into superior customer service. 

Whether it’s pairing a unique wine for a dinner party, recommending a snazzy new cocktail or simply carrying a case to our customers’ vehicle, we at Briarwood Wine and Spirits are here for one thing…YOU.  Please come visit us and have some fun!



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It's magically delicious! Irish whiskey, that is, and it is the time of year to pour yourself a drop or two. And since we're celebrating, we'll sweeten the deal: if you're wearing green on March 17th, you'll get the case discount for your purchase. In the meantime, check out the great prices on these fine Irish whiskeys.

Michael Collins (750 ml) $24.09
Bushmill's (750 ml) $21.19
Jameson (750 ml) $21.29
Paddy (L) $27.99
John L. Sullivan (750 ml) $22.99
Tullamore Dew (750 ml) $20.99


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