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Briarwood is Mississippi's leading volume retailer of wine and spirits
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Planning a meal and feeling unsure of what wine will set it off just right?  Had a cocktail in a bar and have no idea what was in it? Don’t worry, the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Briarwood Wine and Spirits have you covered. 

Sporting a staff of two certified sommeliers and several very experienced bartenders, we can guide you through any wine pairing or cocktail recipe.  Don’t be intimidated by off-the-wall cocktail ingredients or unfamiliar grape varietals.  Our staff will gladly assist you in becoming the shining star of your next dinner or cocktail party.   When your guests ask you how you made those great martinis or where you found such delightful wine, we would love for you to say “Briarwood!!!”, but we won’t blame you if you tell them it’s just a little something you came up with. 

Call us or drop in and we’ll go the extra steps to insure that your next event is a hit.


Call 601.956.5108 or 601.956.5916

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