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Briarwood is Mississippi's leading volume retailer of wine and spirits
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Founded in 1966 by then grocery guru Ellis Saik, Briarwood Mart Package Store, as it was then called, quickly became the destination for Jacksonians looking for the best selection and prices. It wasn't long before Briarwood became know for the great stories that came from Mr. Saik and his twin sons Mike and Albert.  Mr. Saik instilled in his sons a strong work ethic and the motto, “If you don’t service your customers someone else will.”  This feeling and attitude still resonate throughout the store under the current ownership of Nathan and Lesley McHardy. 

Honored and yet a little intimidated to take the helm of such a historical business, Nathan and Lesley jumped in head first.  Bringing their passion for all things wine and Lesley’s expertise for mixology, they quickly built on the substantial foundation set by the Saik family.  Continuing old relationships and forging new ones is the personal touch needed to operate this store.  It’s much more than coming in, picking up a bottle and paying for it; it’s about being greeted by name by a staff that often knows what you want before you walk through the door. And it’s about having a great time while shopping with us.  Sharing stories, jokes, and a good laugh are just as much a part of the atmosphere as is the professional, knowledgeable assistance offered by the staff made up of some the Jackson’s most recognizable bartenders.

Please come by Briarwood Wine and Spirits to enjoy a pleasant shopping experience “paired” with a good laugh, smiling faces, the “next level” of wine and spirits selections, and, as always, the best prices in town. And for all of those in the know—don’t worry, that broom in the corner has already been paid for.

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