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Bakon Vodka  $29.99
Admittedly, we're not usually big fans of flavored vodka.  But we are HUGE fans of Bacon.  So, when the ingenious fellows at Blackrock Spirits in Seattle, WA, of all places, put put out a bacon-infused potato vodka, we were all in.  We’ve gotta tell ya, it’s dee-licious!  Naturally, we tried it in a bloody mary first, as that seemed the most obvious fit.  We were curious what other cocktails such a smoky elixir would work in, so we dialed up their website  Wow!  What a surprise!  Chocolate-dipped bacon is in vogue in many tapas bars, so, of course, a  chocolate martini made with bacon vodka was a natural choice.  Also, one of our favorite Italian hors d’oeuvres is prosciutto-wrapped melon, so imagine that on the rocks.  That’s right – Bakon Vodka, melon liqueur and a twist.  We know they sound a little weird, but what can we say…we're a little weird.  But we also love bacon and vodka…just never thought of them together.  We couldn’t have been more wrong.


Absolut Boston  $22.19
This is the third flavor in the “Cities” line of limited edition flavored vodka by Absolut, preceded by the very popular Absolut New Orleans and Absolut Los Angeles.  The Absolut Boston harkens back to cocktails of yesteryear with its floral mix of Chinese black tea and the essence of elderflower.  The bottle itself captures the spirit of Boston, more specifically Fenway Park, by offering this spirit in a larger liter size bottle instead of a fifth, with a  green backdrop strikingly reminiscent of the Green Monster.  The flavor is very Old School, reminding one of classic cocktails made with slightly bitter and herbal ingredients.  Our favorite mixture has been the very refreshing blend of Absolut Boston, club soda and a squeeze of fresh lime.  This flavor is made in limited quantities, so make sure you get some before the Absolut road trip moves on to the next city.


Mixers, Mixers, Mixers!!!
Of course, fresh fruits and juices are always “best”, but when you really don’t have the patience, time or know-how to create cocktails out of fresh ingredients, we sometimes have to rely on ready made mixers.  Everyone knows the usual suspects, they’re all well and good, but we do have a few new arrivals that just might strike your fancy.  The big ones for us right now are the Finest Call “Carb-Conscious” margarita mix and sweet and sour mix.  It’s probably not as well-known of a fact as it should be, but a Margarita is packed, and I do mean PACKED, with calories.  A typical 12 oz. margarita has around 28 grams of carbs and nearly 600 calories.  WOW!  They sure are good, but…   So here’s the solution:  Finest Call Carb-Conscious mixes have only one gram of carbs per serving and only 5 calories per serving, AND, unlike most “diet” stuff, it tastes just like the other stuff!!!  No kidding! 

If you’re a fan of a Bloody Mary, listen up!  There’s a crazy fellah up in Starkville making some crazy mixers called (strangely enough for a Starkville-based company) Oxford Falls.  These Bloody mixes seem like maybe a little much, but you really gotta try ‘em!  The Bootleg Bloody is the traditional bloody mix, with just a little spice, more bell pepper than chile pepper.  The York Harbor contains lobster and wasabi…yes, I said lobster and wasabi.  Then there’s the Wake up Crabby, which contains shrimp and crab, along with all of the usual Bloody Mary spices.  They cost a bit more than most mixes (about $8 per bottle), but they are really something special.  Pick some up for your next brunch get-together!





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